Tired of a cluttered fridge and cluttered kitchen drawers?

Now you can save a significant amount of space in the kitchen & fridge, keep your snacks neatly organized with the all-new Reusable Bottle Bag.

This amazing food storage is operated by a Ziplock airtight mechanism that prolonges the freshness of a variety of snacks, fruits, veggies, crackers, cookies, and sandwiches, etc. Perfect for travel & outdoors.

It is designed to be reusable and washable, which eliminates the need for a plastic bag and reduces waste output! Now you can contribute & help the battle against plastic pollution!


  • Protects Snacks from Condensation & Moisture 
    These decorative resealable jar-shaped bag helps keep food fresh for longer and prevent decontamination.
Bottle Bags [Reusable & Washable] | yoyowiz
  • Stands Upright Without Support
    The flat base design helps the bag to stand on its own without any support.
Bottle Bags [Reusable & Washable] | yoyowiz
Bottle Bags [Reusable & Washable] | yoyowiz
  • Mason Jar Shaped Designed 
    Enough to stash all the different foods that you use to keep that nutrition and diversity on a level.
  • Convenient Ziplock Mechanism
    Incredibly easy to use, with a reliable and convenient zip-lock mechanism, the jar bag makes it easy to store nuts, sandwiches, meat, vegetables, or any sort of food for that matter, in a space-efficient and sustainable manner.
    Bottle Bags [Reusable & Washable] | yoyowiz
    • Food Safe Materials
      100% non - toxic and BPA-Free
        Bottle Bags [Reusable & Washable] | yoyowiz
        • Reusable & Eco-Friendly
          It eliminates the use of plastic bags and greatly reduces your waste outputs.

        • Dishwasher & Freezer Safe
          These bags can be easily washed in the dishwasher or even manually, making it a more hygienic choice. These can be also used to store food in the freezer.


        As it saves significant amount of space compared to traditional jars, you can also use these bags for the following:

        • Organize your kitchen drawers
        • Make your overnight oats
        • Camper Van/ Caravan
        • For storage purposes in your Refrigerator
        • As a Cosmetic bag/ Airports / Travelling
        • Lunch box  
          Bottle Bags [Reusable & Washable] | yoyowiz


        BAG SIZE:

        Bottle Bags [Reusable & Washable] | yoyowiz