Create Your Dream Curls, Anywhere, Anytime, Zero Effort

Perfect for All Hair Types & Lengths
✅ Long-Lasting Curls Hold All Day
✅ TanglesafeTM Technology - Your Hair Won't Get Stuck Or Burnt!
✅ Save Tons Of Time as Curling Became Easier Than Ever Before
✅ The #1 Hair Tool of 2021

    Would you love to wake up every morning and spend less time on beautiful waves and curls? CurlPro is the #1 Wireless curler, designed for perfect curls on-the-go! Our sleek & innovative technology allows you to achieve your dream curls in minutes. The ionic ceramic coating protects your hair from damage. And the best part, it is suitable for all hair types and lengths!


    "I absolutely adore this curler😍. It bid farewell to messy cable design, I can curl my hair anywhere! I love how fast I can get ready in the mornings and even in the car if I have to rush out quickly. It keeps my hair soft and delivers bouncy curls. Would recommend it to anyone like me who can't curl to save lives" - Cheryl J. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Fast & Easy to Use: Say goodbye to the traditional nerve-racking curling. The wireless hair curler is extremely easy to use and requires less time. No skill required at all. Get the curls of your dreams within minutes. You get to be the hair curling expert now!

    Saves You Tons Of Money: You've come a long way to realize hair salons are good but they can be very expensive. They don't bring the commodity of styling your hair from home. Luckily CurlPro™️ is a fraction of that cost, yet it still creates that professional looking hairstyle that you desire.

    Create Unique Hairstyles: Different temperature & two-way rotating modes allow you to create many different hairstyles to your liking!

    Long-Lasting Result: It will give you gorgeous curls that will last a while! Don't worry about having to re-style in a few hours.

    Portable: Lightweight & Easy to carry when traveling, can curl your hair anytime and anywhere, far away from the trouble with the line.

    Safe & Smart: Ionic Ceramic Coating technology provides better heat distribution and prevents damage on sensitive hair. Unique TangleSafe™️ design to help avoid any tangled hair problems. It's also energy-efficient. It'll shut off automatically after 10 minutes of no use.

    With CurlPro you are in control! Create your own style, silky, dreamy curls, just the way you want them.


    Will this work for shorter hair?

    Yes definitely! It is perfect for all hair types and lengths.

    How to use to avoid tangling?

    There is a special TangleSafe™️ technology preventing your hair from getting stuck and reverse rotating if it happens. We recommend combing your hair to remove knots before curling. And while curling do not put in too much hair as the anti-tangling mechanism will activate and the curler will stop.

    Will my hair get burnt during curling?

    The Ionic Ceramic Coating provides good heat distribution and prevents damage. There are also multiple heat & timer settings preventing your hair from getting burnt.

    What are the best temperature/time settings?

    It depends on what type of hairstyle you want. For looser curls set it to 300-340°F and timer to 8-12s. For tighter curls set it to 360-390°F and timer to 13-18s. 

    Package Content:
    ✅ 1 x main device
    ✅ 1 xUSB cable
    ✅ 1 x manual