Made of Luminescent and Synthetic Resin (Non-Toxic)- Not Plastic- UNDER WARRANTY 

Luminous Garden Pebbles are an eco-friendly stone replacement to give your Home and Garden a unique look like no other. Night Stones require absolutely no maintenance, no batteries or work other than placing them where ever you like!

Give your household a look that's never been seen before! Put them anywhere, flower beds, fish tanks, swimming pools or pathways, they give any area a unique glow.

These stones stay all the night (12 hrs) , it used sun light in the day to shine at night

Product Specifications:

  • Made of Luminescent and Synthetic Resin (Non-Toxic)!
  • No harmful materials are used in the process of creating them!
  • Sunlight or any light source will make them glow all night.
  • Provides light for safety precautions on pathways at night time!
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use!
  • Stay all the night (12 hrs).