đŸ”„Bath Brush & Body BrushđŸ”„

Main Features

  • Sterilization-Use this silicone towel to clean and scrub, clean pores, remove dirt, excess sebum, and dead skin, make your skin smoother, and greatly reduce the survival of bacteria!
  • food-grade organic silicon backplate-foldable, well made, high temperature resistant, safe, and durable.Easy to clean and dry, and more sanitary than sponges.
  • Suitable for different people-Children, elderly, men, women. For use on external parts of your body - arms, legs, chest, back, feet. Follow up with a rich lotion or cream. Keep your body healthy.
  • Double-sided use-Simple shower accessories for personalized body scrubbing. There is a silicone sponge on one side to massage the back to exfoliate without hurting the skin; the other side is an oval structure, which can massage every inch of your skin and promote blood circulation.
  • Enjoy happy time-Handle design, good toughness, strong tensile strength, can be hung, saving space. The silicone scrubber can make your bathing time the easiest time of the day. Try it, you will like it!
  • Durable-Machine washable and durable. The brush head extending 1cm can penetrate the pores, clean dirt, and make it fresh. Our shower brush can still meet your exfoliating needs.
  • Anti-Mite Soap-About 1,000 soft bristles can massage bubbles and deeply clean the body.

    Product Specifications

    • Materials: Silicone + Sponge
    • Product Weight:155g/Anti-Mite Soap:87g
    • Product Size:60*8cm/250*70*50mm
    • Color: Blue, Purple, Red, Green 
    • Package Includes: Silicone Bath Body Brush (Random delivery)