This solar firework lamp has a strong atmosphere decoration effect, especially at night, its effect is very good, many customers are used to decorate their garden, because it will give you a different garden.

It is easy to install, and it is equipped with a solar battery, which is more energy-saving and convenient.

🔥One hundred colorful lamp beads.The full lamp beads bloom in the air and belong to their most brilliant colors.

✅Creativity · imagination · quality.Using high-quality copper wire, can be bent at will,Potting lamp beads are waterproof and practical.

🛒LED fireworks light, feel life with heart.The cold light source emits light, the lamp beads have high brightness, and the service life is longer than ordinary lamp beads.

🌳Solar storage power.There is a solar energy converter under the lamp bead, which can store energy full during the day without consuming any electrical energy.

Embellishment of your garden.Every night, they are blooming with fireworks like lights, I believe it will be very suitable for your garden.

Applicable scenarios are very wide.Can be used for garden decoration, photo shoot, store placement, birthday party, etc.

This product is completely suitable for the garden. If you have them in your garden, I believe that your garden will become very beautiful. What are you waiting for? Order them quickly!!!

Product specification

  • Output size: about 70cm
  • Product weight; about 130 grams
  • Solar panel; 2V, 140mA
  • Battery specifications, 1.2V, 600mAH
  • Charging duration: solar charging for about 8 hours
  • Full-charge working time: 8-10 hours
  • Product material: ABS plastic + stainless steel
  • Protection level: IP65

Package contains

  • Firework light set * 1
  • Solar changer * 1