More than just the looks!

while the UFO is stunningly attractive decoration piece that will have your friends and family begging to know from what universe you got this thing is from...

Prepare to also show off its super load music playing capabilities !

  • Unique floating effect.
  • Music Speaker.
  • Connects to any bluetooth device.
  • Wireless charging. 
  • Premium brushes metal design.

Floating Effect:

Using innovative magnetic technology ,we present an awesome floating effect.

Sets the mood:

Prepare for a beautiful luminous glow that will create space like atmosphere in your home.

Play music:

if you thought it was just float and spins..think again!

The flying saucer is also standalone speaker that will blast all of your favorite music and allows you to answer and talk on the phone!

Easy to connect:

Simply navigate to the bluetooth setting of your device and connect in an instant!

  • High-definition bluetooth 4.0
  • Range up to 10 meters.
  • Sense of Science:The UFO Shaped Bluetooth Stereo floats and rotates in the air which is full of creativity and the charm of magnetic mechanics.
  • Delicate Design:The smooth surface of the base combines the modern style speaker and the stylish color make this decoration be suitable to various occasions like office, bedroom, study, etc.
  • Gorgeous Light:The LED creates a gradient ramp light that looks quite fancy that can create a dreamlike atmosphere in the dark.
  • Perfect Sound Quality:Master grade tuner involved in the design procedure which is the guarantee of the quality of music, perfect for music fans. Additionally, the speaker can output lossless music for there is no touch between the floating speaker and the base.
  • Advanced Charging Mode:It is common that Bluetooth products all have short time of endurance. Hence this product is design with wireless charging function and it helps users get rid of inconvenience caused by cable.