Bounce away all the boredom !!! Cool, funny and stupid game!!! Play with your friends and family for unstoppable laughter and fun!!!

Jump!!! Jump!! Bump!! Bump!! Bump with each other like a Fool !!!! Super safe !! Impact-absorption!!! Who can stand to the last !!! Super Funny!!! 

Latex based material makes it unbreakable and super durable!! No need to worry about bursting !!! 


  • {Super Huge} When fully inflated, the balloon can contain around 3000 liters, which is a 3 cubic meters. Its maximum size is up to 72 inch / 180 cm. Human-like giant balloon!!!
  • {Impact-absorption} Latex based material with inflated air surrounds your body!!! Bump with each other without any damage!!! Super impact-resistant!!! Bounce!! Bounce !! Bounce!! 
    YoyoWiz Balloon | yoyowiz
  • {Durable} Giant balloon is made of Latex!! Super elastic and flexible!! It can endure high tension and stretching force!!!
  • (Large neck opening} No need to worry about getting in or stuck !! The opening is highly flexible to stretch!!! It can stretch up to 30 cm!!! 
    YoyoWiz Balloon | yoyowiz
  • {Easy to use} Put your body inside and Inflate the ball with simple balloon pump!!!
How to use
YoyoWiz Balloon | yoyowiz

Product Specification
  • Size: 42 inch , 72 inch
  • Colour: red
  • Material: Latex  YoyoWiz Balloon | yoyowiz
Packaged Included
  • 1 x  Giant Human Balloon 
YoyoWiz Balloon | yoyowiz